We are Totally Content. Offering training, publishing and consultancy. While a new site will be landing here – hopefully before too long – here’s a brief intro and a few links until a website is sorted.

As a Canva user since February of 2014, and a trainer of it since 2016, it’s by far my specialty and I am currently one of around 10 official UK ambassadors (aka a Canva Certified Creative.)

Since 2020, I’ve begun delivering personal training in Self-Publishing books on Amazon KDP.

I offer weekly, small group sessions (max 8 people) which are tailored to your needs for £299 per person.

If you have staff or a group training request you can message me to discuss your needs and to receive a quote.

Before you go, please pop by the totally content book links page or head to this is totally ’80s if you’re an eighties music lover.

You can also head straight to the Totally Content Books page on Amazon. There you can pick up all our various titles.